• Eagle One Drum Vertical Storage Cabinet - 55 Gallon

    Eagle One Drum Vertical Storage Cabinet - 55 Gallon
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    This 55 gallon Drum safety cabinet with two doors is manual-closing or self-closing with one shelf. Double walled with 1½" airspace; 18-gauge welded steel construction. Flammable storage cabinet includes three point key lock with self-latching button latch doors; user-friendly lever-style easy-turn handles. 8 gauge adjustable galvanized steel shelf holds 350 lbs. Full height continuous piano hinges keeps door aligned. Safety cabinet features 2" raised leak-proof door sill, 4 adjustable galvanized steel leveling legs, grounding screw connection and dual 2" vents with fire baffle and cap. Trilingual safety warning labels help notify employees of danger. Yellow lead-free high gloss baked-on powder coat finish. Meet NFPA Code 30 and 29 OSHA CFR 1910.106 requirements

    100-HAZ-1926 55 gal. Y 2 Manual 31.25" x 31.25" x 65" 334 lbs.
    100-HAZ-2610 55 gal. Y 2 Self-Closing 31.25" x 31.25" x 65" 344 lbs.

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