• 3M™ Peltor™ Optime™ 98 Series Earmuffs

    These brand name 3M Pelto Optime 98 Series Earmuffs will protect you or your workers for a variety of disruptive noises. The lightweight earmuffs make them comfortable to wear for long periods of time with noise levels up to 98dB. The stainless steel headband wire with 4-Point suspension help distribute cushion pressure evenly. Liquid foam-filled cushions.

    Price: $10.50
  • Cooling Towel-Chill-Its

    Brand New Item Chill-Its Cooling Towel! This all new product will help you or your workers feel better and work better. This synthetic chamois towel has a high-evaporating feature so the towel holds on to the water not to drip it. Simply wet this towel and your ready to go, multiple times for multiple jobs. Advanced PVA material holds water without feeling heavy. This reduces heat stress and prevents fatigue.  Wear around your neck for hours of cooling. Machine Washable.

    Price: $11.56
  • WYPALL Wipers for Hands or Surfaces 180 wipes/box sold 160 units a box

    This brand new item we are carrying is great for any work field. These are light-weight wipers with the absorbing power of a heavy weight wiper. With reinforced material for extra strength in scrubbing or cleaning. Tough enough for big jobs and messes yet soft enough for face and hands.

    180 wipes/box

    Price: $17.99