• Disposal Can(Type 316 Stainless Steel) 2 1/2 GALLON
    Disposal Safety Cans provide an intermediate station for temporary storage of liquid wastes. Spout cap opens to a wide 80° angle and can be locked open for conveniently emptying various type containers. All cans are equipped with a frame arrestor. FM APPROVED

    11 1/4" x 12"
    Price: $550.95
  • Stainless Steel Type-I Safety Can
    Eagle Type-I Stainless Steel Safety Cans are made completely of sturdy 24 gauge type 316 stainless steel in 2½ and 5 gallon capacities. Stainless steel flame arrestor. Electric seam weld joins top and body. Sturdy 16 gauge shock rim for bottom support. Models 1313 and 1315 have Teflon gaskets.
    Price: $156.99 $339.64
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