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Firefighter Tools and Equipment: The List of Essential Firefighter Gear

Marcus Williams - Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Firefighter Gear: How Do They Do It? Firefighters perform one of the most dangerous and essential jobs in the country. Fighting fires requires not only skill and courage, but also the right equipment. Having proper and well-maintained fire station equipment can mean the difference between a safe return and life-threatening situations. To fight fires safely and effectively, be sure your fire station has the following tools and equipment.

Basic Firefighting Gear


Basic Firefighting Gear Clothing


Every job has its uniform, and firefighting is no different. The specialized equipment firefighters wear is designed to provide protection in extreme situations. At a minimum, firefighters wear jackets, helmets, pants, gloves, and boots. Each piece of equipment serves a specific purpose.


Jackets are resistant to flames, keep out moisture, and allow you to be seen in smoky or dark environments due to their reflective surface materials. Pants, like jackets, are designed to be fire resistant on the outside with a waterproof interior to keep moisture out. A well-made helmet should fit well and also protect your head from falling debris Boots used for firefighting are steel toe and specially made to resist fire, water, and meet NFPA requirements. Gloves are made of heavy duty materials such as leather and often contain Kevlar and other materials to increase durability and protection.


Remember: wall-mounted storage units can be used to store equipment to keep it organized and easily accessible.

Gear Bags

Transporting your gear is also essential when you are not in the firehouse. A good gear bag not only allows you to easily carry your equipment, but should also be sturdy, durable, and functional on the go.

Fighting Fires

Fighting Fires

Fire Trucks

Fire trucks not only transport firefighters from the station, but also allow for transport of needed equipment. Fire trucks are versatile vehicles that can be lightly outfitted or carry heavier equipment depending the needs of the local area. If the station budget is tight, used fire trucks are available for purchase with various mileage and included features.


Fire hoses are often the first thing people think of when they think of firefighters. Specially made fire hoses attach to either hydrants or a fire truck’s pumping system to release high pressure water streams. They are typically 50 to 100 feet in length and made of nylon, but you still have to ensure the hoses fit your needs. Make sure your hoses are the proper length, attach to the equipment you have, and have the features you actually need.


Ladders come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Height is usually the most important consideration as you will need ladders of varying heights to reach high floors and roofs. There are also add-ons that increase a ladder’s usefulness. For example theR.O.S. Platform adds a support platform if needed.

Safety And Storage Equipment

Portble Fire ExtinguisherGas Can Safety Cabinets

Fire Exhaust Removal Systems

Fire exhaust removal systems are a key part of firehouse safety. Exhaust fumes are very dangerous and can lead to respiratory illnesses or cancer. Removal of such hazardous chemicals from the air is necessary for workplace safety. There are several ways to remove vehicle emissions from the air, including the use of hoses, filtration, and filtration systems for the building.

Fire Extinguisher Portable Cabinet

Portable fire extinguisher cabinets allow you to safely and easily store a fire extinguisher in any location and relocate it as needed. Many buildings require a fire extinguisher for safety purposes, but mounting a permanent fixture is not possible. There are advantages to using a portable cabinet. You can move it around as needed or even use it at an exhibition hall, workshop, or other demonstration

Flammable Storage Cabinets

Flammable storage cabinets provide a safe place to store your gas cans. Having gas can on site in case of emergency is an excellent idea as natural disaster and other unplanned events can make gas difficult to obtain. However, flammable gasoline has to be stored safely. A proper storage cabinet not only keeps your gas cans from being exposed to ignition sources, it also contains them should they catch fire in the cabinet.

The Firefighting Gear You Need To Get The Job Done

A firefighter can only be the most effective when they have the gear and equipment they need. From clothing, to transport, to speciality storage systems, properly maintained equipment helps firefighters across the country protect themselves and others from fire. Be sure your fire station is ready the next time you get a call. An emergency situation is the last moment you want to be worrying about your equipment.