Fall Protection

To understand what you need to be compliant with this new OSHA directive, Just Remember your ABC's:

Choose one product from each categories above to create a complete fall protection system.

Any employer who is not in compliance with 29 CFR 1926.501(b) (13) by June 16, 2011 will be cited by OSHA.The full text of this new Directive can be found at

How MSA helps you to comply
MSA fall protection enables your company to provide optimum quality, comfortable fall protection for your workers with OSHA-compliant products. MSA Workman Roofer's Kits offer key products that are conveniently packaged and economically-priced. Workman Harnesses are comfortable, durable, and affordable. Anchorage connectors and roof anchors offer secure attachment points for residential construction applications.

Trust MSA for the fall protection products and expertise you need to be OSHA-compliant.